City Council

Council Structure

St Davids City Council is the first tier of local government and is a statutory body. The City Council is made up of 12 Councillors who are elected to represent the residents of St Davids for a term of five years.

The City Council provides a wide range of services and amenities including the Community Hall, Youth Drop in Centre, Children’s Play Areas, Bus shelter, City Centre Floral Arrangements, Festive Lighting Displays, Weekly Outdoor Market and much more.

St Davids City Council from May 2024


Councillor Bira Sehmi

Deputy Mayor

Councillor David Griffiths

County Councillor

Councillor Bethan Price

St Davids City Councillors

Cllr William Chant

Cllr Emma Evans

Cllr David Griffiths

Cllr John Jeremy

Cllr Frank John

Cllr Becky Lloyd

Cllr Bethan Price

Cllr Rhys Price

Cllr Bira Sehmi

Cllr Richard Thornton

Cllr Neil Walsh

Cllr Shan Williams


Clerk to the Council 
Mr Simon Mann
City Hall,  High Street,  St Davids,  Pembrokeshire  SA62 6SD
Telephone 01437 721 137


Deputy Clerk to the Council 
Miss Jessica Foster
City Hall, High Street, St Davids, Pembrokeshire, SA62 6SD
Telephone 01437 721 137


Responsible Financial Officer
Mr Will Mann
City Hall, High Street, St Davids, Pembrokeshire, SA62 6SD
Telephone 01437 721 137



The City Council undertakes its business at a monthly meeting usually on the first Monday of each month with a second meeting on the third Monday of the month, no meetings are held throughout August.

City Council led Groups and Committees

Caretakers House Committee: All City Council members

City Hall Committee: W Chant, F John, B Lloyd, B Price, B Sehmi and R Thornton

Coffee and Chat Group – F John and R Thornton

Community Engagement Committee: B Lloyd, B Price, E Evans and J Jeremy

Finance Committee: Mayor, D Griffiths, R Thornton and S Williams.

General Purposes Committee: B Sehmi, D Griffiths, J Jeremy and R Thornton

Grants Development Committee: F John, B Lloyd, B Price, B Sehmi and R Thornton

Market Committee: E Evans, B Lloyd, B Price and B Sehmi

Scout Hut Committee: W Chant, F John, B Lloyd and J Jeremy

Staff Committee: Mayor, Deputy Mayor, E Evans, J Jeremy, F John and R Thornton

St Davids Day Celebration Group:  Mayor, B Price and E Evans.

Youth Drop In Group:  F John, B Price, B Sehmi and R Thornton.

Other Appointments

Mayor’s Chaplain: Canon Sheridan Angharad James

Flagmaster: M Gray

Deputy Flagmaster: S Robinson

Press Officers: Clerk and Deputy Clerk

Internal Auditor: P Evans

How to contact St Davids City Council

The normal approach to the City Council is through the Clerk .

Click here to see the individual contact details for each councillor.

How to contact the County Councillor for St Davids

Click here for contact details of Councillor Bethan Price

City Council Responsibilities

St Davids City Council is responsible for:

St Davids City Hall (including Memorial Hall, Siop Y Bobol and Youth Drop in Centre)

Cross Square and Memorial Gardens

St Davids Memorial Playing Field

Waun Fawr Skate Park and Fitness Equipment

Bus shelter (New Street)

Whitesands Car Park and Cafe

Street furniture located throughout St Davids – benches and street name signs (Some are owned and maintained by Pembrokeshire County Council)

Maps of the local businesses

City Centre Floral Arrangements

Erection and maintenance of the City’s festive lighting displays

Caerfarchell Green

Croeswdig Field

The City Council is also involved in organising and managing a variety of community events and activities:

St Davids Day Events

The Annual Remembrance Day Parade

Christmas Events

Weekly Outdoor Market

Coffee and Chat

Click here for contact names and numbers of all facility owners / managers.


Click here to see all council representative to other organisations.