📢 Introducing the New Joint Newsletter for Solva and St Davids!  

We are excited to announce that the longstanding village newsletter for Solva has now expanded to include the community of St Davids. Starting with our last edition, the newsletter will represent both communities, showcasing the best of what Solva and St Davids have to offer! 

Where to get them: 

The newsletter can be found in St Davids at various locations around town which are: 

Oriel Y Parc 

St Davids Food and Wine 

Clwb St Davids 


St Davids Surgery  

Davies G & Sons butchers 

St Davids City Council Office

📝 Submitting Articles, Photos, and Events: 

We encourage individuals from Solva and St Davids to contribute articles, photos, and information about upcoming events for publication in the joint newsletter. Here’s how you can submit your content: 

Articles: Share your stories, news, or interesting features about the communities. E-mail your articles to with the subject line “Newsletter Submission.” 

Photos: Capture the beauty of Solva and St Davids through your camera lens. Send your high-resolution photos via e-mail to Please include a brief description of the photo and your name.  

Events: If you have an upcoming event in Solva or St Davids that you’d like to promote, let us know! E-mail the event details to with the subject line “Event Submission.” 

🗓️ Deadline for Submissions: 

To ensure inclusion in the next edition of the joint newsletter, please submit your articles, photos, and event information by the 14th of each month. Any submissions received after this date will be considered for future editions. 

🌐 Stay Connected: 

Keep up to date with all the latest news and stories from Solva and St Davids by visiting our website and following our Facebook page.  

Don’t miss out on the community happenings and exciting events! 

We look forward to receiving your contributions and making the joint newsletter a true reflection of the vibrant communities of Solva and St Davids. Together, let’s celebrate the spirit of unity and collaboration!