Churches & Religious Groups

Berea Chapel (Welsh Congregational):
Mrs E Edwards Treasurer, Ffronwen, Berea, St Davids, SA62 6DL

Caerfarchell Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist):
Parcg W Owen Y Fferm, Caerfarchell, St Davids, SA62 6XG

Telephone: 01437 720 588

Ebenezer Chapel (Welsh Congregational) :
Quickwell Hill, St Davids

Secretary: Mr John R Davies Mor–Awelon, 48 Bryn Road, St Davids, SA62 6QU

Telephone:  07890 365 778

St Davids Cathedral (Church in Wales):

The Bishop: Right Revd Joanna Penberthy

The Dean: Very Revd Canon Dr Sarah Rowland Jones LVO OBE

The Deanery, Cathedral Close, St Davids, SA62 6RH

Telephone: 01437 720 202    

Revd Canon Leigh Richardson,

Brecon House, The Close, St Davids, SA62 6PE

Telephone 01437 720 456

St Michael’s Church (Roman Catholic):

Reverend Richard Jones OSB

New Street, St Davids

Telephone: 01348 873 865

Mass on Sundays at 9.00am

St Non’s Retreat:

Sr Anna Burke

Sisters of Mercy, St Non’s Retreat, St Davids, SA62 6BN

Telephone: 01437 720 161

Tabernacle Chapel (Presbyterian):
Secretary: Mrs Christine Newbery
Penrhyn, 20 Goat Street, St Davids, Haverfordwest, SA62 6QY
Telephone: 01437 720 845

Zion Chapel (Baptist):
Secretary: Mr John George Preswylfa, 54 Heol Dewi, St Davids,  SA62 6NZ

Telephone: 01437 720 549

The Religious Society of Friends, Meeting in Curtis House, Bryn Road, St Davids
Clerk: Pauline York, 17 Goat Street, St Davids, SA62 6RF

Telephone: 01437 720 185

St.Davids Council of Churches Secretary:
Mrs Elaine Morgan, Y Felin Wynt, St Davids, Haverfordwest SA62 6QS

Telephone: 01437 720 130

Y Groesfan

Secretary: Ali Wadia

An evangelical church group affiliated to the Baptist Association meeting on Sunday afternoons in St Davids. Call, e-mail or visit our Facebook page for meeting times and location.

Telephone: 01437 710 604